Yes, definitely I want to believe eventhough this is only a 'rekaan semata-mata'.. Do u still remember this television series?...I love it very much..I watched the series which last time shown at TV2..I'm now looking at where I can get the entire eighth seasons of THE X-FILES...For me, 'X-Files' is full with the 'X-Files' factors..and of course the complicated relationship between the hero Fox Mulder and heroin Dana Scully in unexpected direction.. Ouch!..I can't hardly wait to watch this Movie..let's go to the nearby Cinema..hehehe..but this time Don't Believe Me because i prefer to watch at home with a pirated DVD..huhuhu..jgn mare

It’s been a month since my last posting so I’ll need to catch you all up in the next few postings..sorry, maybe I was too 'bz' or no new news to update...

Within that time, Umairah had a fever but Alhamdulillah, she'd recovered faster. Actually, this was consider 8th time she got fever thru out this year..I was very worry but Paed said this was normal unless she took longer time to recover. That fact was convincing me very much...Hopely, next month she'll be cleared from any fever..

Next ..Last week, we went back to my Kampungla.. Kuala Kangsar..Actually the main purpose was to bring my mother to KL for her medical checkup..because recently she always suffer with headache, backache and tight pain in leg...She already taken so many type of medicines, but the result was still the same. That's why we planned to bring her to the Specialist or Consultant Physician to have a better checkup. Hmm..What an amazing daughter I am.. huhuhuuhu..No lar..I just think this is my duty to look after them. Just give your full love while they are still alive...Agree with me?? Better than you regret in the future...At the same time, we oso enjoyed our holiday with 'durian, rambutan and manggis'...Sampai tatau nak mkn yg mana 1..huhuhu

Next..These are Umairah latest developments..

1. She loves to eat nasi goreng especially Patayya..
2. She loves to watch Cartoons especially 'Pocoyo' and some sort of 3D cartoons..Everytime when we just come back from her babysitter's house, she holds the remote control, gives to me and says 'ato '..Ato means Cartoonla...Jatuh also 'ato', kasut also 'ato'...hehehe..Maybe that's the easiest word to say..
3. She knows how to wave and says Bye Bye as 'Baba'...Abang as 'Aba'..and kakak as 'Kaka'...
4. She oso knows how to kiss people and bear..I forgot to mention here that she loves bear very much..
5. One more, don't put your face too close to her or u'll will get a fatal punch..

Hmm..Anyway..I'm still working through the details of posting, including pictures. I have been inspired by some of my friends, who created a blog for family and friends. Here are some pictures of Umairah at my sister's house, one of our favorite places to hang out during weekend. Well.. here, I can relax myself coz Umairah's very buzy playing with her cousins..

Umairah at Acik JU's house