It's not too late for me to wish u all ' Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" & " Maaf Zahir Batin"....

This year, it was my husband's turn to celebrate First day Hari Raya at KL..Everything was going fine but actually was not 'really fine' because at the Pagi Raya, my husband's grandma had been admitted to HKL due to gastric..So, it was kind of different, coz usually we always gather at nenek's house, but this year we need to visit her at the HKL..sadly but true..Wish her to be always in a good condition..
1st photo was taken at Pagi Raya with my Husband's family..Our color theme this year is light purple..Actually, it's hardly to find out the same purple color, luckily I found one..

On the 2nd Raya Day, we went back to my hometown at Kuala Kangsar..As usual, the same activities were playing mercun and fireworks, watching TV and spending times in visiting relatives..but still enjoyed..Umairah got a lot of duit are the some of Raya photos ..for more

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