Hi..it's me again..of course la kan..who else?..Last 2 Sunday (17082008), I had joined my ex-UM friends picnic at Janda baik..Then, because of our food theme for the picnic was 'Western Food'..I've made 'Maccaroni goreng', actually that was my first time to cook that..But I tried to say here, it did work..huhuhu

So, we moved from KL about 11.00AM..Alhamdulillah, it was only a short journey but Umairah 'buat perangai' inside the car...Obviously because she has to wake up earlier and even did'nt get enough sleep that day..very pity..But it was temporarily, after I brought her into the river, she started to shout and smile happily..thanks to Sarah for borrowing the 'Pelampung' to Umairah..next time Ibu will buy one for your my dear..

At 3.00 PM, we started to clear & clean averything and ready to go back..When I took Umairah into the car, she easily felt asleep..Wah..penat sgt la tu..sian dia..

Enjoy the photos of us at Janda baik..Thanks to Ai*** and Zu** for the photos..Sorry, I forgot to bring my camera..

That was an Office Trip to KK from 8-10 August..Luckily, our Vendor had sponsored all including the Hotel and flight...I was so excited but at the same time was also sad coz I had to leave my daughter and my dearie hubby for 3 days..

So, what's the best about KK? Other than 'training', of course are the precious pearl and the glittered crystal...There’s market call 'Pasar Filipina' where sell all those things...I bought 4 bracelets for my family, bear for umairah.. and bla bla bla..(malas nak citer)..Hey, one more...I had bought one horror Novel written by Virginia Andrew 'Child of darkness' at the Times Book Shop..(mcmla kat sini takde kan..baca pun lum abih)..But I realized that the price was more expensive than KL la..But I still bought it because I wanted to read in the flight during on the way back from KK...(mana ade baca pun, tido je atas flight tu..poyo je..huhuhu)..

At Kg. Nelayan, The sea food was very expensive......But I dun care as long as I dun have to pay for that...makan free la kan..but it was very delicious..yum yum..

On sunday, we flied back to KL..very tiring..all sweet sour memories at KK would be last forever...especially 'Pasar Filifina'...huhuhu

For more photos please click here.

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