Hmm...since 3 weeks ago the contructor has been started to renovate my house...Alhamdulillah, now you can see the photos of my house eventhough the cleaning works have not really finish lor..

My House..

Actually, all started when I noticed that our grass in the garage almost higher than our height. Huhuhu...When I showed to my hubby, he said "takpela, let we greening the earth"...Hahaha, very funny and irritated answer...Well, after a few months, eventually we decided to renovate the garage with tiling and installed a new auto gate. Now all it comes. I'm happy with the new looks of my house.

Location : Kenduri Kahwin
Umairah started to dance when she heard the sound of Kompang...huhuhu.."who wanna join me?...let's dance together, party was started..lalalalaala.."

What a wonderful vacation I told you. We just got back a couple of weeks ago from Langkawi. We went there on 10thJune and flied back on 12th June. Actually, the time was not enough for me and family. I can honestly say I wouldn't mind going back to KL if I dun need to continue my work..huhuhu :) Hopely my boss won't read this..hahahaha

Just arrived at Langkawi...

Let me firstly tell you my first experience of travelling by flight. Huh, very scary when the plane started to fly above the sky. Waa.. it was like in the movie that I have ever watched before. 'Snake in the Plane'?? 'Air Force One'?? oh..Stop thinking of that..huhuhuhu..Alhamdulillah, everything was going well until we reached at Langkawi. "hey..Langkawi Here I Come..."

We had some beautiful days to spend out on the resort and beach enjoying the sun and the views. The best part was playing with Umairah in a swimming pool. I took her to the pool and got thoroughly excited. Hehehe this was her very first time and she liked it very much. Eventhogh, we got tired toward the end, but we still enjoyed it. You know la, with Umairah's peel, we must had a lot of patient and energy.

On the day back..
We also spent some time in the shopping complex, although most of them are duty free but the price was not cheap as we thought. No different actually. I only bought a pinggan mangkuk, chocolates, kerepek and key chains for my colleagues. That's all I could afford to buy..hehehe..unless I brought 1 Million.
Yummy! We also had a sea food too and the price..huhuhu..boleh tahan....but compare to our resort food's price, it should consider cheaper and reasonable laaa...
Last day- hmm..very sad to leave Langkawi..It was a very perfect vacation. Maybe someday we'll back here...Insya Allah..

Dear Family and Friends,

Don't be suprised..jeng jeng..I have decided to start a blog. So, that way you can see what's the latest activity and see pictures of our adventures.So here it goes.....huhuhuhu...

Ok, this is my family photo. It was snapped last year during our Raya celebration. Sorry, i post the old photo (quite small size huh) because that day, I have'nt created my Blog yet. Gues what?..this was the first Raya with my baby Umairah..It was very great and really exciting moment. Umairah got so many angpau raya..hehehee...but believe or not may daughter Umairah, Ibu's angpau also byk but completely finished at your cousin's hand..waaaaaa