I think my pregnancy this time is more tougher compare to my 1st pregnancy...Everyday I feel fatigue and exhaustion..I find it harder than usual to get out of bed in the morning... If I'm working, by noon I may feel like need to lie down...and feel nausea some more..urghh..Hopefully, it will tend to level off once I am into my second trimester...

'Celcom is Malaysia's No.1 mobile broadband provider, and with good reason: we offer you the widest coverage (over 71% of Malaysia's populated areas), and most affordable plans'...and that is statement from Celcom Website..So i decided to go for Celcom Broadband for RM68 per month which i heard people say they have the wide coverage in whole Malaysia. True ot not? Well this is my 2nd week I’ve been using Celcom Broadband. So far so good. Though it would be a good idea to make some review about it. About downloading speed, can’t say much about it. But luckily, Celcom doesn't block torrent (to download movie) like Maxis does..Previously, I've tried Maxis Broadband..but I returned it back due to the Modem was so big and not portable (have to plug in)..With Celcom, I can say that the speed is quite good eventhough the monthly limit is 5G..This is the new modem..

Alhamdulillah...Umairah will get a new friend and adik soon...I'm 6 weeks pregnant for the 2nd baby..I wish everything will be going fine and all right...I need to take care of myself...Thanks to hubby for your care and support..
Friends, Please pray for my health also..

The tournament actually was held on last February..There were 4 teams representing our Bank….Although, my team obtained 4th place from the overall 5 teams only…huhuhu..I would still gave a big credit to us..Guess what? That was my first time playing futsal and no practice at all…

On 13/3/2007 my lil’ princess Umairah was borned...It was a very incredible moment that I won’t never forget…Now she’s 2 years already…at that age, she knows how to speak..Though, it's still 'pelat' but the development is encouraging..
We have celebrated her Birthday on 14/3/2009 at our house.. The birthday party was held after Asar Prayer..Many relatives has come and our neighbors as well…The food was catered by our next door neighbor so I din’t cook any dishes at all..hehehe… I though Umairah was still toddle to understand what
was going on around her..As she was only showing a blurred face during the cake cutting…Very funny.. Present? Definitely she got many presents from the guest…From Ibu & Ayah?..It's enough to say 'We love you so much my dear'..

Why time is passing so quickly like a bullet..It has been 4 months I haven’t updated my blog..do you know why? It was actually because I was very lazy to update..hehehe..Hope that answer can convince your doubt for so long…Actually, there was a lot of thing happened and took place during that idle time..But I just slot in certain event that were having photos only..

Discovery at Aquaria, KLCC

I don’t really remember when exactly the date but it was somewhere in December..We took Umairah there to look at many species of Fish where she loved to..But it was only in the early hours of the visit, after a few hours, she started to ‘buat perangai’..This made us felt chaotic…Though, it was a very wonderful time..From that I knew there were a lot of fish species in the world rupanye..betapa hebat ciptaan Yg Maha Esa..

Putraja Shangri-La hotel

Actually, my beloved hubby got a free package rewarded by his Company to this Hotel last 2 months...Even though the distance was only 15KM from our house, we were still planned to have our weekend over there…Dah free mestila nak pergi..rugila..watch out Umairah’s photo at the swimming pool..

Last week we had a family gathering at PD...Port Dickson ok, not Pantai Dalam.. It was so fun! It's family sharing the holiday together!

We had a lunch over there...the foods were very delicious...Yum yum..Cooked by my sister and myself...Even though the whether was pretty hot that day but it felt great!

Check out some pic's...Mira Edora junior..