Last week we had a family gathering at PD...Port Dickson ok, not Pantai Dalam.. It was so fun! It's family sharing the holiday together!

We had a lunch over there...the foods were very delicious...Yum yum..Cooked by my sister and myself...Even though the whether was pretty hot that day but it felt great!

Check out some pic's...Mira Edora junior..

Today's is very boring and sleepy day...I feel very tiresome and annoying to work. Coz of that, I do browse and browse until I decide to update my blog... Consider that it has been a month since my last update..

Here are some snapshot of the weekend rider-Umairah. Actually, these photos were taken 3 weeks ago at Jusco balakong…This was her first time playing at the ‘Pusat Hiburan Family’ over there and she had fun riding all the cars and trains.

One ride cost 1 token = RM 1... Quite cheap for a rich woman like me..huhuhu but I think 10 years ago this kind of game only cost 20 cents..How time flies very fast...

Hi.. it has been about a month i forgot to update my my follower, if any..huhuhu..FYI, these pics taken during my Dept Open House on 29/10/2008..The foods were so delicious and exotic..It had caused my weight increased to 2 KG..Ish ish..

It's not too late for me to wish u all ' Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" & " Maaf Zahir Batin"....

This year, it was my husband's turn to celebrate First day Hari Raya at KL..Everything was going fine but actually was not 'really fine' because at the Pagi Raya, my husband's grandma had been admitted to HKL due to gastric..So, it was kind of different, coz usually we always gather at nenek's house, but this year we need to visit her at the HKL..sadly but true..Wish her to be always in a good condition..
1st photo was taken at Pagi Raya with my Husband's family..Our color theme this year is light purple..Actually, it's hardly to find out the same purple color, luckily I found one..

On the 2nd Raya Day, we went back to my hometown at Kuala Kangsar..As usual, the same activities were playing mercun and fireworks, watching TV and spending times in visiting relatives..but still enjoyed..Umairah got a lot of duit are the some of Raya photos ..for more

click here

"Queen Of My Heart" - Westlife

So here we stand
In our secret place
Where the sound of the crowd
Is so far away
You take my hand
And it feels like home
We both understand
It's where we belong
So how do I say Do I say goodbye

We both have our dreams
We both wanna fly
So let's take tonight
To carry us through The lonely times
I'll always look back As I walk away
This memory will last for eternity
And all of our tears Will be lost in the rain
When I find my way back To your arms again
But until that day

You know you are The queen of my heart

But no matter how far (no matter how far)
Or where you may be (where you may be)
I just close my eyes (just close my eyes)
And you're in my dreams
And there you will be Until we meet
I'll always look back As I walk away
This memory will last for eternity
And all off our tears Will be lost in the rain
When I find my way back To your arms again
But until that day

You know you are The queen of my heart
I'll always look back As I walk away
This memory will last for eternity
And all off our tears
Will be lost in the rain
When I find my way back
To your arms again
But until that day You know you are The queen of my heart Oh yeah

You're the queen of my heart (queen of my heart)
No matter how many years it takes (queen of my heart)
i'm coming home to you Oh yeah (queen of my heart)
Oh yes you are The queen of my heart

Hi all..wazup wazup!..Today is already 19 Ramadhan.. Alhamdulillah..another 11 days to go..This year, I feel like time flies very fast..coz usually, I always counting the days to celebrate Raya but this time, I even don't think about that..huhuhu..maybe because I'm getting older and older...huk huk huk

Actually yesterday, when I was browsing (as usual during office hours-Hopefully my boss won't read this..huhu), I've found my favourite actress page, 'shiri-appleby'. Maybe u guys never heard her name coz she's not too famous like 'Angelina Jolie or Nicole Kidman'. But if you ever watched 'Roswell Series' (was very famous on 1999 kot- tak sure sangat)..surely you know her..Very preety one..So, I tempek la her photo here..

There are 3 more actresses that I remember :-

1. Rory or Alexis Bledel
in 'Gilmore Girl'-Beshh giler cite ni..Mcm Siti plak muka dia ni

2. Lana or 'Kristin Kreuk ' in Smallville-Hero pun ensem

3. Lindsay Lohan- Attitude minah ni skang teruk gile, but acting OK

Only these I can provide you..huhuhu because I'm gonna continue my work..For more details, 'Lu Browse la sendiri'..

Hi..all..last week before Ramadhan started, actually we had decided to bring Umairah to Desa Water Park, but unfortunately she got fever..that's why we had to cancel the plan..sedihnye..

So, we changed our plan to go shopping to tesco only..and guess what we bought?..we bought a pool for umairah...of course she loved it very much..the photo had shown it..she even did'nt want to go out from the pool..dahla demam nak berendam plak..'s me again..of course la kan..who else?..Last 2 Sunday (17082008), I had joined my ex-UM friends picnic at Janda baik..Then, because of our food theme for the picnic was 'Western Food'..I've made 'Maccaroni goreng', actually that was my first time to cook that..But I tried to say here, it did work..huhuhu

So, we moved from KL about 11.00AM..Alhamdulillah, it was only a short journey but Umairah 'buat perangai' inside the car...Obviously because she has to wake up earlier and even did'nt get enough sleep that day..very pity..But it was temporarily, after I brought her into the river, she started to shout and smile happily..thanks to Sarah for borrowing the 'Pelampung' to time Ibu will buy one for your my dear..

At 3.00 PM, we started to clear & clean averything and ready to go back..When I took Umairah into the car, she easily felt asleep..Wah..penat sgt la tu..sian dia..

Enjoy the photos of us at Janda baik..Thanks to Ai*** and Zu** for the photos..Sorry, I forgot to bring my camera..

That was an Office Trip to KK from 8-10 August..Luckily, our Vendor had sponsored all including the Hotel and flight...I was so excited but at the same time was also sad coz I had to leave my daughter and my dearie hubby for 3 days..

So, what's the best about KK? Other than 'training', of course are the precious pearl and the glittered crystal...There’s market call 'Pasar Filipina' where sell all those things...I bought 4 bracelets for my family, bear for umairah.. and bla bla bla..(malas nak citer)..Hey, one more...I had bought one horror Novel written by Virginia Andrew 'Child of darkness' at the Times Book Shop..(mcmla kat sini takde kan..baca pun lum abih)..But I realized that the price was more expensive than KL la..But I still bought it because I wanted to read in the flight during on the way back from KK...(mana ade baca pun, tido je atas flight tu..poyo je..huhuhu)..

At Kg. Nelayan, The sea food was very expensive......But I dun care as long as I dun have to pay for that...makan free la kan..but it was very delicious..yum yum..

On sunday, we flied back to KL..very tiring..all sweet sour memories at KK would be last forever...especially 'Pasar Filifina'...huhuhu

For more photos please click here.

Thanks to my friend 'Zura' coz awarded me this Brilliant weblog 'award' ...

FYI, Brilliant Weblog is a prize given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant both in their content and their design. The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogsphere.

Here are the rules to follow:
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Thus, it's my pleasure to award this to all top active bloggers based on latest update....yihaaaa...

1. Ck
2. Baby Nadhrah

3. javamen
4. AnneIjaz
5. Awin
6. Farra

Yes, definitely I want to believe eventhough this is only a 'rekaan semata-mata'.. Do u still remember this television series?...I love it very much..I watched the series which last time shown at TV2..I'm now looking at where I can get the entire eighth seasons of THE X-FILES...For me, 'X-Files' is full with the 'X-Files' factors..and of course the complicated relationship between the hero Fox Mulder and heroin Dana Scully in unexpected direction.. Ouch!..I can't hardly wait to watch this Movie..let's go to the nearby Cinema..hehehe..but this time Don't Believe Me because i prefer to watch at home with a pirated DVD..huhuhu..jgn mare

It’s been a month since my last posting so I’ll need to catch you all up in the next few postings..sorry, maybe I was too 'bz' or no new news to update...

Within that time, Umairah had a fever but Alhamdulillah, she'd recovered faster. Actually, this was consider 8th time she got fever thru out this year..I was very worry but Paed said this was normal unless she took longer time to recover. That fact was convincing me very much...Hopely, next month she'll be cleared from any fever..

Next ..Last week, we went back to my Kampungla.. Kuala Kangsar..Actually the main purpose was to bring my mother to KL for her medical checkup..because recently she always suffer with headache, backache and tight pain in leg...She already taken so many type of medicines, but the result was still the same. That's why we planned to bring her to the Specialist or Consultant Physician to have a better checkup. Hmm..What an amazing daughter I am.. huhuhuuhu..No lar..I just think this is my duty to look after them. Just give your full love while they are still alive...Agree with me?? Better than you regret in the future...At the same time, we oso enjoyed our holiday with 'durian, rambutan and manggis'...Sampai tatau nak mkn yg mana 1..huhuhu

Next..These are Umairah latest developments..

1. She loves to eat nasi goreng especially Patayya..
2. She loves to watch Cartoons especially 'Pocoyo' and some sort of 3D cartoons..Everytime when we just come back from her babysitter's house, she holds the remote control, gives to me and says 'ato '..Ato means Cartoonla...Jatuh also 'ato', kasut also 'ato'...hehehe..Maybe that's the easiest word to say..
3. She knows how to wave and says Bye Bye as 'Baba'...Abang as 'Aba'..and kakak as 'Kaka'...
4. She oso knows how to kiss people and bear..I forgot to mention here that she loves bear very much..
5. One more, don't put your face too close to her or u'll will get a fatal punch..

Hmm..Anyway..I'm still working through the details of posting, including pictures. I have been inspired by some of my friends, who created a blog for family and friends. Here are some pictures of Umairah at my sister's house, one of our favorite places to hang out during weekend. Well.. here, I can relax myself coz Umairah's very buzy playing with her cousins..

Umairah at Acik JU's house

Hmm...since 3 weeks ago the contructor has been started to renovate my house...Alhamdulillah, now you can see the photos of my house eventhough the cleaning works have not really finish lor..

My House..

Actually, all started when I noticed that our grass in the garage almost higher than our height. Huhuhu...When I showed to my hubby, he said "takpela, let we greening the earth"...Hahaha, very funny and irritated answer...Well, after a few months, eventually we decided to renovate the garage with tiling and installed a new auto gate. Now all it comes. I'm happy with the new looks of my house.

Location : Kenduri Kahwin
Umairah started to dance when she heard the sound of Kompang...huhuhu.."who wanna join me?...let's dance together, party was started..lalalalaala.."

What a wonderful vacation I told you. We just got back a couple of weeks ago from Langkawi. We went there on 10thJune and flied back on 12th June. Actually, the time was not enough for me and family. I can honestly say I wouldn't mind going back to KL if I dun need to continue my work..huhuhu :) Hopely my boss won't read this..hahahaha

Just arrived at Langkawi...

Let me firstly tell you my first experience of travelling by flight. Huh, very scary when the plane started to fly above the sky. Waa.. it was like in the movie that I have ever watched before. 'Snake in the Plane'?? 'Air Force One'?? oh..Stop thinking of that..huhuhuhu..Alhamdulillah, everything was going well until we reached at Langkawi. "hey..Langkawi Here I Come..."

We had some beautiful days to spend out on the resort and beach enjoying the sun and the views. The best part was playing with Umairah in a swimming pool. I took her to the pool and got thoroughly excited. Hehehe this was her very first time and she liked it very much. Eventhogh, we got tired toward the end, but we still enjoyed it. You know la, with Umairah's peel, we must had a lot of patient and energy.

On the day back..
We also spent some time in the shopping complex, although most of them are duty free but the price was not cheap as we thought. No different actually. I only bought a pinggan mangkuk, chocolates, kerepek and key chains for my colleagues. That's all I could afford to buy..hehehe..unless I brought 1 Million.
Yummy! We also had a sea food too and the price..huhuhu..boleh tahan....but compare to our resort food's price, it should consider cheaper and reasonable laaa...
Last day- hmm..very sad to leave Langkawi..It was a very perfect vacation. Maybe someday we'll back here...Insya Allah..

Dear Family and Friends,

Don't be suprised..jeng jeng..I have decided to start a blog. So, that way you can see what's the latest activity and see pictures of our adventures.So here it goes.....huhuhuhu...

Ok, this is my family photo. It was snapped last year during our Raya celebration. Sorry, i post the old photo (quite small size huh) because that day, I have'nt created my Blog yet. Gues what?..this was the first Raya with my baby Umairah..It was very great and really exciting moment. Umairah got so many angpau raya..hehehee...but believe or not may daughter Umairah, Ibu's angpau also byk but completely finished at your cousin's hand..waaaaaa