Last week we had a family gathering at PD...Port Dickson ok, not Pantai Dalam.. It was so fun! It's family sharing the holiday together!

We had a lunch over there...the foods were very delicious...Yum yum..Cooked by my sister and myself...Even though the whether was pretty hot that day but it felt great!

Check out some pic's...Mira Edora junior..

Today's is very boring and sleepy day...I feel very tiresome and annoying to work. Coz of that, I do browse and browse until I decide to update my blog... Consider that it has been a month since my last update..

Here are some snapshot of the weekend rider-Umairah. Actually, these photos were taken 3 weeks ago at Jusco balakong…This was her first time playing at the ‘Pusat Hiburan Family’ over there and she had fun riding all the cars and trains.

One ride cost 1 token = RM 1... Quite cheap for a rich woman like me..huhuhu but I think 10 years ago this kind of game only cost 20 cents..How time flies very fast...