On 13/3/2007 my lil’ princess Umairah was borned...It was a very incredible moment that I won’t never forget…Now she’s 2 years already…at that age, she knows how to speak..Though, it's still 'pelat' but the development is encouraging..
We have celebrated her Birthday on 14/3/2009 at our house.. The birthday party was held after Asar Prayer..Many relatives has come and our neighbors as well…The food was catered by our next door neighbor so I din’t cook any dishes at all..hehehe… I though Umairah was still toddle to understand what
was going on around her..As she was only showing a blurred face during the cake cutting…Very funny.. Present? Definitely she got many presents from the guest…From Ibu & Ayah?..It's enough to say 'We love you so much my dear'..


adda said...

happy besday umairah.. semoga jadi anak yg solehah.. semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki..

dah 2 tahun nih.. bolehlah umairah main dgn adik plak yek hehee