Why time is passing so quickly like a bullet..It has been 4 months I haven’t updated my blog..do you know why? It was actually because I was very lazy to update..hehehe..Hope that answer can convince your doubt for so long…Actually, there was a lot of thing happened and took place during that idle time..But I just slot in certain event that were having photos only..

Discovery at Aquaria, KLCC

I don’t really remember when exactly the date but it was somewhere in December..We took Umairah there to look at many species of Fish where she loved to..But it was only in the early hours of the visit, after a few hours, she started to ‘buat perangai’..This made us felt chaotic…Though, it was a very wonderful time..From that I knew there were a lot of fish species in the world rupanye..betapa hebat ciptaan Yg Maha Esa..

Putraja Shangri-La hotel

Actually, my beloved hubby got a free package rewarded by his Company to this Hotel last 2 months...Even though the distance was only 15KM from our house, we were still planned to have our weekend over there…Dah free mestila nak pergi..rugila..watch out Umairah’s photo at the swimming pool..