'Celcom is Malaysia's No.1 mobile broadband provider, and with good reason: we offer you the widest coverage (over 71% of Malaysia's populated areas), and most affordable plans'...and that is statement from Celcom Website..So i decided to go for Celcom Broadband for RM68 per month which i heard people say they have the wide coverage in whole Malaysia. True ot not? Well this is my 2nd week I’ve been using Celcom Broadband. So far so good. Though it would be a good idea to make some review about it. About downloading speed, can’t say much about it. But luckily, Celcom doesn't block torrent (to download movie) like Maxis does..Previously, I've tried Maxis Broadband..but I returned it back due to the Modem was so big and not portable (have to plug in)..With Celcom, I can say that the speed is quite good eventhough the monthly limit is 5G..This is the new modem..


Anonymous said...

i use celcom broadband for more than two years since 2007 ;-)

izzarina said...

waa... dh manyak en3 ko watie.. hehehe .. happy belated bday to chubby umairah... aku still guna maxis broadband.. tu pon jrg guna.. hehehe.. take care n congrats on your coming baby..

zamzurina zulkafli said...

weh...ko bayar ni RM68 ker? kalo gitu aku nak tukar jugak ler

darkelyaz said...

Ha,rakan rakan;
tengok apa yg aku dapat bila anda send komplain ke Sialcom Berokband ni…

dont recived any solution since send 1st complaint.‏
From: Careline (careline@celcom.com.my)
Sent: Tuesday, 24 Nov, 2009 7: 18 AM
To: darkelyaz@hotmail.com (darkelyaz@hotmail.com)
Cc: darshan@nccc.org.my (darshan@nccc.org.my); aduanskmm@cmc.gov.my (aduanskmm@cmc.gov.my); nccc@nccc.org.my (nccc@nccc.org.my); fomca@fomca.org.my (fomca@fomca.org.my); admin@smartconsumer.my (admin@smartconsumer.my); ccd@cmc.gov.my (ccd@cmc.gov.my); info@cap.org.my (info@cap.org.my); info@muslimconsumer.org.my (info@muslimconsumer.org.my); news@tv3.com.my (news@tv3.com.my)
Dear Mr Mohd Elyas

Reference is made to your e-mail and the telephone conversation between your goodself and one of our officials on 13 November 2009.

Firstly, we wish to express our regrets on the service experienced by you.

In response to your concern on the Broadband service, a test was conducted by our Network Team and it was found that the situation occurred because the device is not permanently lock to 3G network.

On that note, please set the network manually to ‘3G Only’ and refresh your internet connection in order to stabilize the said connection.
One of our Careline officials had contacted you on 16 November 2009 and briefed further on the above.

We note the inconvenience caused with utmost concern and appeal for your kind understanding in this circumstance.

Best regards

Irma Aneeza Sani
Customer Interaction Management
Customer Service

cc : 1. Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission
2. National Consumer Complaints Centre
3. Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations
4.Operations Director, Contact Centre Services

Sent:Sunday, November 01, 2009
Subject:dont recived any solution since send 1st complaint.


Referred my previous complaint about my internet connection and until now I don’t received any solution to solve my problem.For your information,when I’m just surfing the web pages,a connection is perfect in 3G @ HSDPA mode BUT WHEN STARTED DOWNLOADING A LARGE FILE,IT BECOME TO EDGE MODE.IT MAKE A REAL NIGHTMARE FOR ME BECAUSE A FILE I ALREADY DOWNLOADING TAKES A LONGEST FOR COMPLETES.


Mr Elyas


I’m have a big problem here and need solution ASAP,as I mention above,this problem give me a big trouble and make me disappointing when I download a large file.
Before this all smooth until yesterday when I’m downloads some large file,a connection change from HSDPA to EDGE without inform me first,a the same time make a file I’m downloading be a longest time for complete,example if using HSDPA it just 15 minutes for file size 90mb,when used EDGE it turn to 4 hours for same size!After downloading complete,it change back to HSDPA connection as before.For your information,a weather is perfect and no a bit could at sky for entire day.
Hopefully your can solve my problem ASAP and all cooperation I’m deeplly appreciate.

Best regard;

Mr Elyas

ayat manis,habuk pon tarak…